QR Menu, Contactless Menu, Digital Menu, Contactless Ordering, Qr Order Automation System

QR Menu Digital Contactless Online Ordering

As Chargejet, our efforts to meet the automation needs of cafes and restaurants continue without slowing down.
In this difficult process that we are going through in this framework, the first normalization steps are being taken and some arrangements have been made.
The most important of these is to take orders in the service of the products of the enterprises and to present a physical visual menu to the customer for a while.

QR Menü – QR-JET

Within the scope of Qr code software, which our company carried out its R & D activities before the pandemic, its studies on the integration of enterprises with technology were concluded. QR Menu, Contactless menu, Digital menu, Contactless order tracking and accounting system have been put into service.

Customers will be able to read the QR codes on the desks, which can be recreated as much as they want, on their phones, and see the entire product range of that business with detailed visuals, make choices and order, and at the same time make their payments with a credit card through the application without going to the cashier.

Track Your Business Remotely with QR Menu

Monitor and manage your business remotely with CAFE QR JET AUTOMATION, which includes many features such as Menu tracking, Menu creation, QR code creation, Table tracking, Order tracking, Simple production, Payment tracking, Stock tracking, Current tracking, Waiter tracking, Valet tracking.

At the same time, there is an accounting system in the program, and income and expense items can be followed in detail, you will be able to get reports and analyzes.

By choosing a few softwares that offer separate usage possibilities, the desired system can be installed.

With the hope that this epidemic, which affects Turkey as well as the world, will end as soon as possible.