Portable Charge Unit Which Works with 1 Coin!

Şarjjet is the device which works with 1 Coin to charge all type of tablets, phones and re-chargeable devices with multiple output selection.

Şarjjet designed for the Customers’ needs in Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, etc. Your Safety is our Safety so Sarjjet is the most Secured device ever. While your customers charging their mobile devices, you can enjoy the incomes.

Şarjjet is the most featured and smallest charge station can work with 1 Coin to charge up to 20 min. Sarjjet has protection guard of devices to not get more electric to damage battery.

Şarjjet is totally FREE. No SETUP Fee, No SUPPORT Fee, No DEPOSIT. 

Sarjjet bring you Weekly FREE Technical Support & Check . While you use our device in your restaurants to serve to the customers; we handle the charging service and you you share the profits.

About Sarjjet Unit!

Şarjjet size 12x15x15 and 2 kg.

Şarjjet, as big as Napkin Holder.

With USB  Min 500 mAh and Max 2.3 Ah. Power Output.

A current protection system has been applied to prevent telephone malfunctions.
The Sarjjet unit operates with one defined coin. Phone Charging cable is 60 cm.

The cable protection device fixes the charging cable.
The chargejet unit does not need electricity when it provides charging service to the mobile phone at the table.
1 coin thrown starts the preset 20 minutes charging time on the screen, activates the USB Input. The USB OFF text on the screen changes to USB ON. The red light is illuminated under the USB port, it provides charging service to the phone as long as the red light is on. It provides charging service to the mobile phone for a preset time of 20 minutes.

Şarjjet Re-Charge Unit

It charges wirelessly 3 Charge units at the same time. The Small Charging Stand is only 1.6 kg in dimensions of 52x17x9. Length: 52 width: 17 height: 9cm Charging unit;
Charges in the Charging Stand in about 5 – 6 hours. Charging Stand; The monthly electricity cost is as much as the electricity burned by 1 bulb in 1 day.

The Large Re-Charger Unit

Large Charging Stand is a stylish, practical and aesthetic stand where Charging units are charged.
It charges 9 units at the same time. The large chargejet measures 113x40x30 cm. There are 3 different color options: red, black and white. height: 113 width: 40 depth: 30

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