Why Do I Need

Şarjjet BANK

You will have extra incomes with Sarjjet even Totally FREE!

Şarjjet is TRADEMARK

Sarjjet is the Founder of the charge unit which works with 1 Coin!

Şarjjet is Safety

Sarjjet has produced from High Quality Materials to be protective.

Şarjjet Allows Any Devices

Şarjjet has multiple options for any type of Mobile Devices.

Customers’ Relations

With Sarjjet your customers can charge their devices definitely on their table!

Şarjjet Müşterisi Olmak Çok Kolay

Müşterimiz olmak için iletişim sayfamızdan bize ulaşın.

More Benefits

More Incomes with Sarjjet

Sarjjet provides your business with additional benefits. Being a chargejet customer is completely free. Our customers earn money for their businesses with the Sarjjet Charger with a profit sharing method.

#1st WORLD

Şarjjet World Brand

Şarjjet is not only in Turkey Market. We have overseas sellers all around the world. For any partnership please feel free to contact us.


CE Certified

It is safe with all high and low voltage measure technology. In our power control! Charge has accredited + | -EuroBat, ISO 9001: 2015, CE and RoHs certificates issued by the approved company of Europe.

Made In Turkey

Turkish Foundation

Sarjjet is the first Charge Unit which works with 1 Coin all around the world and the founder is Turkish, Sarjjet MSM Co,.

Happy Customers

Enjoyable Charge Unit

With Sarjjet, Customers no need to let their phones on cashier or somewhere else for charging. You can serve Sarjjet Unit to your customer’s table . Support Happiness!

Compatible with All


You will be able to use Sarjjet with any type of iOS, Android and Windows Devices with multiple charging feature of Sarjjet!