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Desktop Chargers

Desktop Chargers, cafe, restaurant, hotel and etc. It is a mobile desktop charging vending machine that works with coins on the desktop in areas, compatible with all smartphones thanks to its multi-pronged charging cables, and allows charging from anywhere you sit.

Şarj otomatı - Şarjmatik

Advantage of Desktop Chargers

The biggest problem of smartphones, which are an integral part of our daily lives, is that they run out of charge very quickly. Although smartphone manufacturers are trying to increase the battery capacity, the applications and games we use make it inevitable to consume more and faster charge day by day. It puts the business in a difficult situation in the responsibility of the devices left in custody for the constant search of the customer’s corner socket or charging. This is where the Desktop Charger – ŞARJJET comes into play. While you are sipping your coffee in a cafe you go to, you can also use your phone while the desktop mobile charging vending machine charges your phone. In addition, you can charge all your devices that need charging, such as tablets and headphones with you. The fact that it does not take up space on the desktop and is portable provides you comfort. As a business, the device not only gets rid of mobile charging problems, but also allows the business to profit from this service.

Are Desktop Charger and Mobile Charger the Same Product?

The charger and the charging station are essentially the same products. In general, although everyone is called sarjpoint, the real name of this product is Charging Automat. But many businesses or cafe owners go by many names such as desktop charger, mobile charging station, desktop charger, desktop coin-operated charger, desktop mobile charging vending machine. We as ŞARJJET; We spread it all over the world as “Desktop Chargejet”.

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