What is Desktop Charger Machine?

It is called a mobile portable multi-end “desktop charging automaton”, which is used to charge devices such as mobile phones, tablets, headphones, smart watches that work with coins ( 1 ₺ ).

Where Are Desktop Charger Automats Used?

Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Tea Garden, Hotel, Canteen etc. fields are used on the desktop. While providing additional income to business owners, it also offers the opportunity to charge from where their customers are sitting.

How Do Desktop Chargers Work?

Phone, tablet, etc., working with 1 ₺ coins for the given time (-,20,+). It is a desktop portable small, stylish and practical charging vending machine for charging devices such as Chargejet is not fast charging. All current protection measures have been taken. It works with a completely safe charging focus, considering the health of the phone.

What is Desktop Charger Unit?

The Charger Unit measures 12x15x15 and weighs 2 kg.

It is about 1 napkin in size.

Minimum 500 mAh and maximum 2.3 Ah to USB input. gives so much power.

A current protection system has been applied to prevent telephone failures. The charging unit works with 1 defined coin.

Phone Charger cable is 60 cm. The cable protection bracket secures the charging cable.

The unit does not need electricity while charging the mobile phone at the table.

A tossed coin starts the preset charging time of 20 minutes on the screen, activates the USB Input. USB OFF on the screen changes to USB ON.

The red light is on under the USB port, as long as the red light is on, it provides charging service to the phone. Charges the mobile phone for a preset 20 minutes.

What is a Charging Stand?

It charges 3 desktop charger units wirelessly at the same time. Small Charging Stand only measures 52x17x9 and weighs 1.6 kg. Length:52 width:17 height: 9cm

The charger charges in the Charging Stand in approximately 5 – 6 hours. Charger Stand; The monthly electricity cost is as much as the electricity that 1 light bulb burns in 1 day.