What to Consider When Choosing a Charging Station

What to Consider When Choosing a Charging Station

If you are thinking of using a Charging Vending Machine or a Charging Machine in your cafe or restaurant, it may be useful to read this article.

Using the vending machine at the table in your cafe

Using the vending machine at the table in your cafe

We have explained in our previous articles what is Chargingjet, Charging Automator, Chargingmatik, Mobile Charging Station, Charging Box, and What It Does. See.

In my current article, I will talk about what the parts used in charging vending machines do and I will try to help you what you should pay attention to when choosing a Chargematik.

Charging stations: They are cafe charging vending machines consisting of a charging unit (Charging Box), a charging stand, a money channel, a multi-pronged charging cable and a power supply.

3 Charge Units + 1 Charge Stand and their collected form is called Charge Set.


Şarjjet Charger Set

What Do These Parts Do?

Charging Dock (Charging Box); It is a desktop portable charging unit that works with coins and is used to charge devices for a set time. It is divided into two as wired charging and wireless charging.

Wireless charging charging units are more preferred by businesses because of the difficulty in using wired charging charging units, as connecting the charging units one by one to the charger and causing trouble for the enterprise in terms of sockets.

Charging Stand; It is the charging unit for charging the Charging Units. The charging stand wirelessly charges the Charger units in approximately 5 to 7 hours with a current of 9/12.5 volts to 1/2 ampere. Charging time may vary depending on the number of charged charging units.

Money Channel; It is the unit located on the Charge Unit, which is used to define the money to be worked and enables it to work with the defined money. It is generally operated with 1 TL or 2 TL.

Chargers working with 1 TL are thrown into the 1 TL money channel, the service period begins.

On the other hand, in chargers operating with 2 TL, the 1st TL is deposited into the money channel, the service period begins when the 2nd TL is poured into the money channel.

Multi-End Charging Cable; It is located on the charging unit. It is the cable that charges the device during the charging service by being attached to the appropriate charging cable end of the device to be charged. These cables stand out with their robustness. There are those with and without original charging tips. It charges the device more efficiently and safely in cables using licensed charging terminals. Although the cable selection is preferred by the manufacturer, the user can also use his own cable during charging, if there is a USB output on the charging card.

Power source; It is the power unit on the charging unit that provides the charging service. The power units used are used as Lithium-ion or Vrla batteries. This preference is determined by the manufacturer according to the conditions.

How to Be a Safe Mobile Charging Vending Machine

Although the Multi-pronged charging cable and other parts used in the charging unit are important, the most important thing is the choice of the power source to be used according to the usage conditions of the manufacturer at this point. In the selection of power supply, the first priority should be taken into account operational and user safety.

Is the use of Lithium-ion in the Charger the right choice?

Companies that prefer Lithium-ion in their charging units ignore the dangers and security weaknesses in order to make the product smaller and lighter.

Powerbanks with dangerous Lithium-ion batteries, which are prohibited to be used in airplanes and in many public areas, on the other hand, Lithium-ion batteries used in charging stations.

Based on the powerbanks, the lithium-ion battery is charged during the day when the power of the powerbank is depleted or its power decreases. As a result, it is not exposed to high heat in the charge / discharge cycle and poses a low level of danger.

However, this is not the case with charging stations. The use of lithium-ion batteries may not be the right choice, as the chargers experience many charge / discharge cycles during the day. The more charge/discharge cycles, the hotter the power supply will experience. Lithium-ion battery burns, glows and explodes when exposed to high heat. One day, this situation will be dangerous for the business. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries and their derivatives are not suitable for correct use.


Is the use of VRLA Battery in the Charging Unit the right choice?

VRLA  BATTERY (valve regulated lead acid) As in every power source, the more charge/discharge cycles, the more heat the power source experiences. However, VRLA BATTERY swells and deforms the most. One difference is that unlike Lithium-ion battery, VRLA BATTERY stands out as a power source that complies with safety conditions, although it is seen as a technology behind the times due to its non-flammable, non-flaming and non-explosive feature.



We are aware of the danger of Lithium-ion batteries used as a power source in Mobile Charging Vending Machines.

In the charging vending machines industry, accredited, European approved, test reports such as ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality), ISO 10002: 2018 (Customer Satisfaction), CE (European Standard), TS IEC-60950-1 (Safety Standard), ROSH2 (System Quality) Our company, which has all the documents, has been our choice for VRLA Battery (valve regulated lead acid) due to its non-flammable, non-flammable, non-explosive and maintenance-free feature, considering the safety of the place, the safety of mobile devices, especially human health.

The constant change and development of our mobile devices is driving the charging vending machines to keep up with the development. Although it is open to development in this regard, it is necessary to put safety first.

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