Wireless Desktop Charger

The Wireless Desktop Charger is our first wireless desktop charging vending machine that works with a coin and without the need for an outlet on the desktop, thanks to the special batteries inside, without being connected to any cables.

The problem that is experienced elegantly in entertainment venues such as cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars is undoubtedly the charging problem of mobile phones. People had to carry a charger with them to charge their devices in the places they went, to increase the number of sockets in the halls of the places, and even had to suffer with the sockets carried to the tables. By achieving a first in the world, Şarjjet started to offer the service of all areas by designing the wireless desktop charger.

The Chargejet is the First Wireless Desktop Charger with Coin Operated

The Chargejet wireless desktop charger, which solves the most common problems in the industry, not only provides businesses with additional income, but also offers customers the opportunity to charge their phones at their desks. Wireless desktop charger works with 1 TL coin.